It is about time someone wrote a website specially for the sufferers of endometriosis. It is affecting the lives of millions of wonderful women around the world and is relatively easy to reverse or eliminate. Sex has a wide range of acceptances according to personal conviction, generation, religion and teachings. For all women and for the purpose of this website it is the method of procreation and involves two people who have a compelling interest in each other. The male and female individuals undergo a range of attractions culminating in the sexual act. If the womens cycle is correct and no precaution taken the act will result in the joyous birth of a baby.

The good news is that we can derive a number of indications from other diseases which show a direct link to the thyroid. You will see that the lists of symptoms are very similar with one or two minor variations. The thyroid is the only gland in the body which has a receptor available to accept its signal on every cell in the body. There are enough cells to make a line around the world in each body. Then there is a situation where medical diagnosis does not show up thyroid problems untill they are very serious and certainly way beyond good maintenance mode. Thyroid health should be viewed like fitness as absent, marginal, acceptible and good. This way early imperfections would be picked up and repaired before the problem became too complex. We will go on to make the connection.

Ethical Type Indicator: Leader's Guide

So endometriosis becomes basically an eating disorder. This means that it can be rectified by changing the diet and so we have studied all the foods which are involved in causing and so too the ones which are working towards releiving the problem. Then to speed up the repair process there are a number of natural health methods which can have very fast eesults. But the warning is that the nutritional programs must be followed first.